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Examples of my University Communications Papers

The Problem of Plagiarism | Excerpt

"Plagiarism can be defined as taking someone else’s ideas and written words and claiming them as your own without giving credit to the original author. The topic of plagiarism is such a hot topic within the writing field and is a huge and ongoing problem. A lot of people are told and taught that plagiarism is a bad thing and, if caught, academic consequences will happen. But why do people still perform the act of plagiarism? If they know the risks, why do they still take it...etc

The Problem of Plagiarism (complete seminar paper)

The Analysis of Perfume Advertisements | Excerpt

"Advertisements are in our everyday lives, and each advertisement is representative of a variety of different products that are available. Food, drinks, clothes, accessories, makeup, cars, shoes — there is an endless list of products that are advertised to us day to day. However, when we look at ads, we just focus on the product itself and not what it’s trying to tell us. We never really take the time to focus and really study what the ad is saying and what it is subconsciously trying to convince us to do. Specific advertisements for specific products will send a specific message to their target audience. One specific product advertisement that is interesting to analyze for its meaning is perfume ads...."

The Analysis of Perfume Advertisements

(complete seminar paper)

More university papers available on request.


Examples of Social Media for 2nd and Charles

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